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Many cats don’t have the level of stimulation they need.  That is why Cat Games App exists.  We aim to create entertaining cat games, and cat videos for your cat to enjoy.

Cat’s love to chase things, which is why we created our Cat Games Catch series of videos for your cat to enjoy!


The most important thing all cat owners can agree on is that your cat should be happy. If your cat isn’t happy it may be because they are under stimulated. Creating a stimulating environment for your cat can be as easy as giving your cat multiple options of different games & toys to play with.

At Cat Games App, we have developed, and are continuing to develop, fun and interactive games and videos for your cat to enjoy! These help to stimulate your cat, and can lead to a happier and healthier life for your cat!


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Give Cats The Stimulation They Need

One of the hardest things about having a house cat is keeping them entertained.  When your cat is stuck indoors all day, they can become bored.  Cat Games are a great way to add some fun to your cats day!

One of the largest issues surrounding domesticated house cats is the fact that they are under stimulated at home. If you live in a condo, or a house where your cat doesn’t have access to look out windows, your cat can easily become bored.

If your cat is bored at home, they are not as happy as they can be. The good news is that your cat can be stimulated by videos and games! Cat Games App has created a series of videos and games for your cat to enjoy!


When choosing a video to play for your cat, there are two types of videos. There are Cat Games, and Cat Entertainment videos. Both are important for your cat’s mental health.

Cat games contain flashy colors, sounds, and quick movements. These types of videos are great for your cat to play with, as they will enjoy jumping around and following the movement on screen.


Cat entertainment videos are videos of nature that your cat can enjoy. These videos will often be of forests, or parks that have birds, squirrels, or other critters in their natural habitat. These videos are meant to simulate a window. Cats enjoy sitting and watching these videos. They enjoy the occasional movement of a bird flying in frame, or a squirrel running past.

The most important thing is that your cat is happy. Let Cat Games App help keep your cat stimulated!

Why Does Cat Games App Exist?

At Cat Games App our goal is to bring fun and entertainment into the lives of cats around the globe!

One issue that effects cat’s around the world is the fact that many house cats are under stimulated and under entertained. This can easily be fixed by giving your cat videos to watch, and games to play with. Cat Games App is here to help by creating interactive videos and games perfect for your cat’s entertainment.


Like you, we care about your cat, and your cat’s happiness. We want to provide you cat with fun and entertaining videos and games. We also love to see your cat’s reactions to our videos! If your cat enjoys our games, it would be awesome if you took a video of your cat, and sent it to us on our YouTube Channel. If you want to stay updated on new games & videos, make sure you follow Cat Games on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram!

For us, the most important thing is your cat’s happiness. If your cat is happy, it is because they are entertained and properly stimulated. We want to make sure you have the tools to stimulate your cat!


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